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Fremont Speedway10/9/2021410 Sprints - Winged
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Eldora Speedway9/25/2021410 Sprints - Winged
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Lincoln Speedway9/18/2021410 Sprints - Winged
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All Star Circuit of Champions Scheduleas of 10/9/2021
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Cole Macedo scores Fremont All Star finale for $10...
Afternoon rain and saturated track forces cancella...
2021 All Star season to conclude with two-day Jim...
Rico Abreu leads all 30 for Eldora 4-Crown score w...
All Stars to co-headline Eldora’s 4-Crown on Septe...
Cole Macedo scores Fremont All Star finale for $10...

Cole Macedo scores Fremont All Star finale for $10...

10/10/2021 -
FREMONT, Ohio (October 9, 2021) - For the first time in his career, Lemoore, California’s Cole Macedo is a FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions pre
Afternoon rain and saturated track forces cancella...

Afternoon rain and saturated track forces cancella...

10/8/2021 -
FREMONT, Ohio (October 8, 2021) – Fremont Speedway track workers put together a hard-fought effort to recover after an early afternoon rain shower soa
2021 All Star season to conclude with two-day Jim...

2021 All Star season to conclude with two-day Jim...

10/7/2021 -
BROWNSBURG, Ind. (October 7, 2021) - The 2021 FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 season may be all but complete, but the thr
Rico Abreu leads all 30 for Eldora 4-Crown score w...

Rico Abreu leads all 30 for Eldora 4-Crown score w...

9/26/2021 -
ROSSBURG, Ohio (September 25, 2021) - In convincing fashion, nonetheless, St. Helena, California’s Rico Abreu secured his place in sprint car racing h
All Stars to co-headline Eldora’s 4-Crown on Septe...

All Stars to co-headline Eldora’s 4-Crown on Septe...

9/22/2021 -
BROWNSBURG, Ind. (September 22, 2021) - Set to join all three national touring divisions of the United States Auto Club (USAC), the FloRacing All Star

Event Profile

9/18/2021 at Lincoln Speedway

Dirt Classic $20,000 to win | Abbottstown, PA

410 Sprints - Winged

All Star Circuit of Champions

A Feature

40 laps | 00:37:54.375Presented by FloRacing
11Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
211Freddie RahmerSalfordville, PA51
32Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
45Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
517Cory HaasDallastown, PA38
67Robbie KendallNew Freedom, PA55K
715Alan KrimesDenver, PA87
810Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
918Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
1014Gerard McIntyre JrNew Oxford, PA16
1112Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
129T.J. StuttsLiverpool, PA11T
1313Devon BordenRaymond, WA27
1425Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
1522Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
1621Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8
1720Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
1826Tyler RossLincoln University, PA75
19 (DNF)6Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN11
20 (DNF)3Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19
21 (DNF)8Skylar GeeLeduc, AB07
22 (DNF)4Lance DeweaseFayetteville, PA69K
23 (DNF)23Chase DietzYork, PA39D
24 (DNF)16Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
25 (DNF)19Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
26 (DNF)24Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA59
27 (DNF)28Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88
28 (DNF)27Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55

B Feature

15 laps | 00:21:10.585Presented by Classic Ink USA
11Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8
23Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
32Chase DietzYork, PA39D
46Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA59
58Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
69Lucas WolfeMechanicsburg, PA5W
710Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
813Tim Wagaman IIHanover, PA5E
911Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
1012Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW5
115Dylan CisneyPort Royal, PA5C
1216Glenndon ForsytheYork, PA2W
1314Justin WhittallVincentown, NJ67
1415Tim GlatfelterYork, PA69
1520Chad TroutDover, PA1X
1619Riley EmigAbbottstown, PA33
1717Jordan GivlerCamp Hill, PA90
18 (DNF)7Aaron BollingerElverson, PA16A
19 (DNF)4Kyle MoodyLewisberry, PA99M
DNS-Landon MyersYork, PA19M

C Feature

10 laps | 00:06:30.979Presented by Computer Man Inc
14Riley EmigAbbottstown, PA33
25Chad TroutDover, PA1X
32Dylan NorrisHanover, PA44
47Austin BishopElverson, PA11A
53Dalton DietrichYork, PA9
611Steven KisamoreStewartstown, PA77K
78Greg PlankBiglerville, PA11P
8 (DNF)10Tyler RossLincoln University, PA75
DNS-Matt CampbellFawn Grove, PA21C
DNS-Tyler EshNew Providence, PA35
DNS-Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:04:32.562Presented by Ford Performance
12Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19
21Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN11
35Devon BordenRaymond, WA27
44Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
53Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
66Justin WhittallVincentown, NJ67
78Tim Wagaman IIHanover, PA5E
87Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW5
910Tyler RossLincoln University, PA75
109Austin BishopElverson, PA11A

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:08:11.640Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
11Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
22Robbie KendallNew Freedom, PA55K
33T.J. StuttsLiverpool, PA11T
46Kyle MoodyLewisberry, PA99M
54Alan KrimesDenver, PA87
68Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
77Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
89Riley EmigAbbottstown, PA33
910Greg PlankBiglerville, PA11P
10 (DNF)5Landon MyersYork, PA19M

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:04:41.942Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
12Skylar GeeLeduc, AB07
21Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
34Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
43Dylan CisneyPort Royal, PA5C
55Cory HaasDallastown, PA38
66Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA59
79Dylan NorrisHanover, PA44
88Matt CampbellFawn Grove, PA21C
910Tyler EshNew Providence, PA35
107Glenndon ForsytheYork, PA2W

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:04:47.547Presented by Mobil 1
12Lance DeweaseFayetteville, PA69K
24Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8
36Aaron BollingerElverson, PA16A
45Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
51Gerard McIntyre JrNew Oxford, PA16
63Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
77Lucas WolfeMechanicsburg, PA5W
89Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88
98Jordan GivlerCamp Hill, PA90
1010Steven KisamoreStewartstown, PA77K

Heat 5

8 laps | 00:03:52.853Presented by Kistler Racing Products
11Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
23Freddie RahmerSalfordville, PA51
32Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
44Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
56Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
65Chase DietzYork, PA39D
79Chad TroutDover, PA1X
88Tim GlatfelterYork, PA69
97Dalton DietrichYork, PA9

Heat 6

8 laps | 00:04:09.757Presented by Ford Performance
11Tim Wagaman IIHanover, PA5E
22Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW5
34Devon BordenRaymond, WA27
46Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
57Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19
65Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
73Justin WhittallVincentown, NJ67
88Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN11
99Austin BishopElverson, PA11A
1010Tyler RossLincoln University, PA75

Heat 7

8 laps | 00:06:31.811Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
11Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
22Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
35Alan KrimesDenver, PA87
43Kyle MoodyLewisberry, PA99M
56T.J. StuttsLiverpool, PA11T
68Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
77Robbie KendallNew Freedom, PA55K
89Riley EmigAbbottstown, PA33
910Greg PlankBiglerville, PA11P
DNS-Landon MyersYork, PA19M

Heat 8

8 laps | 00:10:00.341Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
14Cory HaasDallastown, PA38
23Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA59
38Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
42Glenndon ForsytheYork, PA2W
55Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
61Matt CampbellFawn Grove, PA21C
79Dylan NorrisHanover, PA44
87Skylar GeeLeduc, AB07
910Tyler EshNew Providence, PA35
10 (DNF)6Dylan CisneyPort Royal, PA5C

Heat 9

8 laps | 00:03:59.896Presented by Mobil 1
12Lucas WolfeMechanicsburg, PA5W
24Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
31Jordan GivlerCamp Hill, PA90
47Lance DeweaseFayetteville, PA69K
53Aaron BollingerElverson, PA16A
66Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
75Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8
88Gerard McIntyre JrNew Oxford, PA16
99Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88
1010Steven KisamoreStewartstown, PA77K

Heat 10

8 laps | 00:03:58.007Presented by Kistler Racing Products
14Chase DietzYork, PA39D
21Tim GlatfelterYork, PA69
33Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
45Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
56Freddie RahmerSalfordville, PA51
67Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
78Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
89Chad TroutDover, PA1X
92Dalton DietrichYork, PA9


00:00:27.032Presented by Dixie Vodka
12Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN1113.301
234Zeb WiseAngola, IN1013.313
344Justin PeckMonrovia, IN1313.369
426Gerard McIntyre JrNew Oxford, PA1613.426
517Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M13.453
630Brent MarksMyerstown, PA1913.459
71Skylar GeeLeduc, AB0713.461
842Robbie KendallNew Freedom, PA55K13.461
932Lance DeweaseFayetteville, PA69K13.469
1041Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA1813.508
116Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B13.520
1223T.J. StuttsLiverpool, PA11T13.571
1320Dylan CisneyPort Royal, PA5C13.593
1416Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA2413.594
159Freddie RahmerSalfordville, PA5113.597
1633Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X13.599
1748Alan KrimesDenver, PA8713.615
188Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO2113.616
1938Aaron ReutzelClute, TX813.617
2046Cory EliasonVisalia, CA2613.622
2143Devon BordenRaymond, WA2713.632
2245Landon MyersYork, PA19M13.647
2315Cory HaasDallastown, PA3813.670
2425Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA4813.676
2514Chase DietzYork, PA39D13.678
265Justin WhittallVincentown, NJ6713.704
2712Kyle MoodyLewisberry, PA99M13.719
2828Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA5913.719
2911Aaron BollingerElverson, PA16A13.724
3010Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW513.765
3139Cap HenryBellevue, OH413.765
3237Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC13.792
3313Glenndon ForsytheYork, PA2W13.796
3449Lucas WolfeMechanicsburg, PA5W13.805
3540Dalton DietrichYork, PA913.830
3647Tim Wagaman IIHanover, PA5E13.849
374Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO5513.869
3822Matt CampbellFawn Grove, PA21C13.872
393Jordan GivlerCamp Hill, PA9013.884
4024Tim GlatfelterYork, PA6913.917
4136Austin BishopElverson, PA11A13.938
4219Riley EmigAbbottstown, PA3313.950
437Dylan NorrisHanover, PA4413.965
4431Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA8813.985
4518Tyler RossLincoln University, PA7514.001
4627Chad TroutDover, PA1X14.001
4721Greg PlankBiglerville, PA11P14.091
4829Tyler EshNew Providence, PA3514.165
4935Steven KisamoreStewartstown, PA77K15.186

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