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Eldora Speedway9/23/2020410 Sprints - Winged
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Eldora Speedway9/22/2020410 Sprints - Winged
Full Results
Lincoln Speedway9/19/2020410 Sprints - Winged
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All Star Circuit of Champions Scheduleas of 9/23/2020
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David Gravel scores Governors Reign title at Eldor...
Brent Marks wins Governors Reign Opener at Eldora...
Kyle Larson scores 14th All Star win of 2020 in Li...
Aaron Reutzel wins Jack Gunn Memorial at Williams...
The All Stars are set for final PA visit of 2020 w...
David Gravel scores Governors Reign title at Eldor...

David Gravel scores Governors Reign title at Eldor...

9/24/2020 -
ROSSBURG, Ohio (September 23, 2020) - Watertown, Connecticut’s David Gravel etched his name in the Eldora Speedway history books twice in the last two
Brent Marks wins Governors Reign Opener at Eldora...

Brent Marks wins Governors Reign Opener at Eldora...

9/23/2020 -
ROSSBURG, Ohio (September 22, 2020) - The first-ever Governors Reign at Eldora Speedway may lack live spectators, but open wheel fans from around the
Kyle Larson scores 14th All Star win of 2020 in Li...

Kyle Larson scores 14th All Star win of 2020 in Li...

9/20/2020 -
ABBOTTSTOWN, Pa. (September 20, 2020) - For the 14th time of 2020, Elk Grove, California’s Kyle Larson found his way to Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Sta
Aaron Reutzel wins Jack Gunn Memorial at Williams...

Aaron Reutzel wins Jack Gunn Memorial at Williams...

9/19/2020 -
MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (September 18, 2020) - Two-time and defending Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 champion, A
The All Stars are set for final PA visit of 2020 w...

The All Stars are set for final PA visit of 2020 w...

9/17/2020 -
BROWNSBURG, Ind. (September 17, 2020) - A mere six starts remain on the 2020 Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1

Event Profile

9/22/2020 at Eldora Speedway

9/22/2020 at Eldora Speedway

"GOVERNORS REIGN" Night #1 $10,000 to WIn | Rossburg, OH

410 Sprints - Winged

All Star Circuit of Champions

A Feature

30 laps | 00:28:08.837Presented by Ollie's Bargain Outlet
14Brent MarksMyerstown, PA5
21Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA2M
312Shane StewartBixby, OK71
422Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S
510Carson MacedoLemoore, CA2
623Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A
72James McFaddenWarrnambool, VIC9
88Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN14P
917Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
103Donny SchatzFargo, ND15
115Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
1219Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA49
1316Tim KaedingSan Jose, CA14
149Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
1515Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
1613Christopher BellNorman, OK21B
176David GravelWatertown, CT41
1824Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
197Sammy SwindellGermantown, TN39
2025Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW17
2120Paul McMahanNashville, TN13
2218Austin McCarlAltoona, IA17A
23 (DNF)21Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17S
24 (DNF)14Aaron ReutzelClute, TX87
25 (DNF)11Joey SaldanaBrownsburg, IN12N

B Feature

12 laps | 00:04:56.305Presented by Classic Ink USA
12Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17S
24Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S
31Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A
45Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
53Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z
68Jac HaudenschildWooster, OH3
77Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW17
89Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
911Dominic ScelziFresno, CA41S
106Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
1112Daryn PittmanOwasso, OK72
1213Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
1314Cale ConleyVienna, WV3C
1417Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN83
1516Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K
1610Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
DNS-Cole DuncanLockbourne, OH22C

C Feature

10 laps | 00:04:27.069Presented by Computer Man Inc
12Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K
21Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN83
37Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA28
44Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
59Cale ThomasFairland, IN70
65Buddy KofoidPenngrove, CA67
78Zeb WiseAngola, IN11
810Skylar GeeLeduc, AB99
912Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T
1011Brady BaconBroken Arrow, OK69
113Dave BlaneyHigh Point, NC10
DNS-Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
DNS-Chad KemenahFindlay, OH15K

Dash 1

4 laps | 00:02:16.114Presented by Kears Speed Shop
12Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA2M
21Donny SchatzFargo, ND15
35Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
43Sammy SwindellGermantown, TN39
56Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
DNS-Joey SaldanaBrownsburg, IN12N

Dash 2

4 laps | 00:02:06.518Presented by Elliotts Custom Trailers and Carts
11James McFaddenWarrnambool, VIC9
22Brent MarksMyerstown, PA5
33David GravelWatertown, CT41
44Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN14P
56Carson MacedoLemoore, CA2
65Shane StewartBixby, OK71

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:03:42.235Presented by Ford Performance
14David GravelWatertown, CT41
22Shane StewartBixby, OK71
36Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
41Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA2M
53Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A
65Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17S
77Dominic ScelziFresno, CA41S
810Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K
98Zeb WiseAngola, IN11
109Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:03:51.667Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
11Joey SaldanaBrownsburg, IN12N
22Aaron ReutzelClute, TX87
34Carson MacedoLemoore, CA2
45Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA49
53Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z
66Jac HaudenschildWooster, OH3
710Daryn PittmanOwasso, OK72
87Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN83
99Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA28
108Brady BaconBroken Arrow, OK69

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:04:05.586Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
12Sammy SwindellGermantown, TN39
21Christopher BellNorman, OK21B
34Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN14P
43James McFaddenWarrnambool, VIC9
56Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
65Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW17
78Cale ConleyVienna, WV3C
87Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
99Cale ThomasFairland, IN70
1010Chad KemenahFindlay, OH15K

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:03:52.811Presented by Mobil 1
11Donny SchatzFargo, ND15
22Tim KaedingSan Jose, CA14
33Austin McCarlAltoona, IA17A
44Brent MarksMyerstown, PA5
55Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S
66Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
77Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
88Buddy KofoidPenngrove, CA67
99Skylar GeeLeduc, AB99

Heat 5

8 laps | 00:05:19.897Presented by Kistler Racing Products
11Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
23Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
34Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
45Paul McMahanNashville, TN13
59Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
68Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
77Cole DuncanLockbourne, OH22C
86Dave BlaneyHigh Point, NC10
92Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24


00:00:00Presented by Lincoln Electirc
11David GravelWatertown, CT4112.599
25Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A12.736
325Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN14P12.766
410Shane StewartBixby, OK7112.770
59Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA2M12.800
63Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17S12.835
728James McFaddenWarrnambool, VIC912.848
821Sammy SwindellGermantown, TN3912.875
920Carson MacedoLemoore, CA212.878
108Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA5712.881
1134Brent MarksMyerstown, PA512.935
1226Christopher BellNorman, OK21B12.945
1342Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO2112.958
147Dominic ScelziFresno, CA41S12.959
1524Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW1712.963
1613Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z12.968
1731Austin McCarlAltoona, IA17A12.972
1819Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8712.973
1947Cory EliasonVisalia, CA2612.975
2014Joey SaldanaBrownsburg, IN12N12.978
2137Tim KaedingSan Jose, CA1412.989
2245Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA2412.990
2312Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA4912.991
2433Donny SchatzFargo, ND1512.992
2511Jac HaudenschildWooster, OH312.998
2617Spencer BaystonLebanon, IN8313.003
2718Brady BaconBroken Arrow, OK6913.011
2846Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA1813.012
2935Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S13.023
3039Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M13.027
3116Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA2813.030
3223Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC13.046
3315Daryn PittmanOwasso, OK7213.067
342Zeb WiseAngola, IN1113.078
354Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T13.088
3638Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B13.092
376Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K13.095
3843Paul McMahanNashville, TN1313.117
3941Dave BlaneyHigh Point, NC1013.123
4022Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO5513.140
4130Cale ConleyVienna, WV3C13.171
4236Buddy KofoidPenngrove, CA6713.182
4329Cale ThomasFairland, IN7013.199
4427Chad KemenahFindlay, OH15K13.276
4544Cole DuncanLockbourne, OH22C13.309
4640Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW2013.319
4748Cap HenryBellevue, OH413.351
4832Skylar GeeLeduc, AB9913.373

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