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Eldora Speedway9/23/2020410 Sprints - Winged
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Eldora Speedway9/22/2020410 Sprints - Winged
Full Results
Lincoln Speedway9/19/2020410 Sprints - Winged
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All Star Circuit of Champions Scheduleas of 9/23/2020
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David Gravel scores Governors Reign title at Eldor...
Brent Marks wins Governors Reign Opener at Eldora...
Kyle Larson scores 14th All Star win of 2020 in Li...
Aaron Reutzel wins Jack Gunn Memorial at Williams...
The All Stars are set for final PA visit of 2020 w...
David Gravel scores Governors Reign title at Eldor...

David Gravel scores Governors Reign title at Eldor...

9/24/2020 -
ROSSBURG, Ohio (September 23, 2020) - Watertown, Connecticut’s David Gravel etched his name in the Eldora Speedway history books twice in the last two
Brent Marks wins Governors Reign Opener at Eldora...

Brent Marks wins Governors Reign Opener at Eldora...

9/23/2020 -
ROSSBURG, Ohio (September 22, 2020) - The first-ever Governors Reign at Eldora Speedway may lack live spectators, but open wheel fans from around the
Kyle Larson scores 14th All Star win of 2020 in Li...

Kyle Larson scores 14th All Star win of 2020 in Li...

9/20/2020 -
ABBOTTSTOWN, Pa. (September 20, 2020) - For the 14th time of 2020, Elk Grove, California’s Kyle Larson found his way to Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Sta
Aaron Reutzel wins Jack Gunn Memorial at Williams...

Aaron Reutzel wins Jack Gunn Memorial at Williams...

9/19/2020 -
MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (September 18, 2020) - Two-time and defending Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 champion, A
The All Stars are set for final PA visit of 2020 w...

The All Stars are set for final PA visit of 2020 w...

9/17/2020 -
BROWNSBURG, Ind. (September 17, 2020) - A mere six starts remain on the 2020 Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1

Event Profile

9/19/2020 at Lincoln Speedway

9/19/2020 at Lincoln Speedway

Dirt Classic $20,000 to win (9/20 rain date) | Abbottstown, PA

410 Sprints - Winged

All Star Circuit of Champions

A Feature

40 laps | 00:34:30.888Presented by Ollie's Bargain Outlet
11Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
25Aaron ReutzelClute, TX87
310Brent MarksMyerstown, PA5
42Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
53Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
67Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z
711Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
89Kyle MoodyLewisberry, PA99M
94Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW17
1018Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA2M
116Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
128Justin PeckMonrovia, IN39
1316Lance DeweaseFayetteville, PA69K
1413Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
1512Robbie KendallCatonsville, MD55K
1614Alan KrimesDenver, PA87K
1722Tony StewartColumbus, IN14
1821Chase DietzYork, PA50
1920Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
2019Freddie RahmerSalfordville, PA51
21 (DNF)17Paul McMahanNashville, TN13
22 (DNF)24Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
23 (DNF)15Chad TroutDover, PA1X
24 (DNF)23Tim GlatfelterYork, PA69
25 (DNF)26Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA59
26 (DNF)25Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88

B Feature

12 laps | 00:08:15.103Presented by Classic Ink USA
11Chase DietzYork, PA50
24Tony StewartColumbus, IN14
32Tim GlatfelterYork, PA69
43Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
58Dylan CisneyPort Royal, PA5C
66Gerard McIntyre JrNew Oxford, PA07
79Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88
87Kyle ReinhardtNew Oxford, PA91
95Zeb WiseAngola, IN11
1019Landon MyersYork, PA19M
1111Lucas WolfeMechanicsburg, PA24W
1213Troy Wagaman Jr.Hanover, PA19
1310Brian MontiethPhoenixville, PA21M
1414Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA59
1512Skylar GeeLeduc, AB99
1616Brett MichalskiPenndel, PA73B
1720Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV20
1815Chris ArnoldDillsburg, PA23
1917Tim Wagaman IIHanover, PA5E
DNS-Adam WiltYork, PA15

C Feature

10 laps | 00:09:01.438Presented by Computer Man Inc
11Landon MyersYork, PA19M
24Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV20
37Tyler RossLincoln University, PA75
45Zach NewlinMillerstown, PA54
59Dylan NorrisHanover, PA44
66Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
712Brent ShearerManheim, PA12
811Aaron BollingerElverson, PA16A
910Brie HersheyDillsburg, PA97
1014Justin FosterHarrisburg, PAB15
DNS-Matt CampbellFawn Grove, PA16
DNS-Glenndon ForsytheYork, PA2W
DNS-Jordan GivlerCamp Hill, PA90
DNS-Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88
DNS-T.J. StuttsLiverpool, PA11T

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:04:02.426Presented by Ford Performance
14Robbie KendallCatonsville, MD55K
23Justin PeckMonrovia, IN39
32Gerard McIntyre JrNew Oxford, PA07
41Chad TroutDover, PA1X
55Alan KrimesDenver, PA87K
66Troy Wagaman Jr.Hanover, PA19
78Adam WiltYork, PA15
87Billy DietrichBilgerville, PA8
99Brent ShearerManheim, PA12

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:05:37.911Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
12Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW17
21Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z
34Lance DeweaseFayetteville, PA69K
46Kyle ReinhardtNew Oxford, PA91
55Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA59
67Lucas WolfeMechanicsburg, PA24W
78Chris ArnoldDillsburg, PA23
89Aaron BollingerElverson, PA16A
DNS-Matt CampbellFawn Grove, PA16

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:02:28.984Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
13Kyle MoodyLewisberry, PA99M
22Chase DietzYork, PA50
34Tim GlatfelterYork, PA69
41Freddie RahmerSalfordville, PA51
56Skylar GeeLeduc, AB99
65Dylan CisneyPort Royal, PA5C
78Tim Wagaman IIHanover, PA5E
87Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV20
99Justin FosterHarrisburg, PAB15

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:04:49.794Presented by Mobil 1
12Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
21Aaron ReutzelClute, TX87
34Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA2M
43Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
55Tony StewartColumbus, IN14
66Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88
77Tyler RossLincoln University, PA75
89Jordan GivlerCamp Hill, PA90
98Brie HersheyDillsburg, PA97

Heat 5

8 laps | 00:04:03.979Presented by Kistler Racing Products
11Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
22Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
35Brent MarksMyerstown, PA5
43Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
56Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
69Dylan NorrisHanover, PA44
74T.J. StuttsLiverpool, PA11T
88Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
97Glenndon ForsytheYork, PA2W

Heat 6

8 laps | 00:04:49.472Presented by Ford Performance
11Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
23Paul McMahanNashville, TN13
32Zeb WiseAngola, IN11
45Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
54Brian MontiethPhoenixville, PA21M
67Brett MichalskiPenndel, PA73B
76Landon MyersYork, PA19M
88Zach NewlinMillerstown, PA54


00:00:27Presented by Lincoln Electric
14Chad TroutDover, PA1X13.453
228Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8713.545
31Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z13.551
411Freddie RahmerSalfordville, PA5113.566
535Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA2413.567
629Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA1813.589
737Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA5713.605
85Gerard McIntyre JrNew Oxford, PA0713.652
952Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M13.668
1050Zeb WiseAngola, IN1113.691
1133Cory EliasonVisalia, CA2613.719
1240Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO2113.738
1323Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW1713.752
149Chase DietzYork, PA5013.755
1517Justin PeckMonrovia, IN3913.783
1613Matt CampbellFawn Grove, PA1613.785
1746Paul McMahanNashville, TN1313.802
1824Kyle MoodyLewisberry, PA99M13.805
1948Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA2M13.809
2031T.J. StuttsLiverpool, PA11T13.840
2118Robbie KendallCatonsville, MD55K13.844
2215Lance DeweaseFayetteville, PA69K13.857
2319Tim GlatfelterYork, PA6913.872
2420Alan KrimesDenver, PA87K13.897
2522Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA5913.899
2626Dylan CisneyPort Royal, PA5C13.904
2712Troy Wagaman Jr.Hanover, PA1913.907
2825Kyle ReinhardtNew Oxford, PA9113.943
2945Brian MontiethPhoenixville, PA21M13.946
302Skylar GeeLeduc, AB9913.948
3127Billy DietrichBilgerville, PA813.948
3214Lucas WolfeMechanicsburg, PA24W13.952
3342Tony StewartColumbus, IN1413.962
346Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV2013.969
3539Brent MarksMyerstown, PA513.976
367Adam WiltYork, PA1513.980
3736Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X13.995
3810Chris ArnoldDillsburg, PA2314.031
3921Tim Wagaman IIHanover, PA5E14.063
4034Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA8814.080
4149Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA4814.090
4216Brent ShearerManheim, PA1214.121
4343Landon MyersYork, PA19M14.188
4453Tyler RossLincoln University, PA7514.258
4541Glenndon ForsytheYork, PA2W14.261
4651Brett MichalskiPenndel, PA73B14.273
4730Brie HersheyDillsburg, PA9714.273
483Aaron BollingerElverson, PA16A14.287
4944Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW2014.291
5038Zach NewlinMillerstown, PA5414.332
5147Jordan GivlerCamp Hill, PA9014.440
528Justin FosterHarrisburg, PAB1514.475
5332Dylan NorrisHanover, PA4414.489

Heat 7

8 laps | 00:04:48.305Presented by Ford Performance
14Alan KrimesDenver, PA87K
21Adam WiltYork, PA15
32Billy DietrichBilgerville, PA8
43Troy Wagaman Jr.Hanover, PA19
56Justin PeckMonrovia, IN39
65Robbie KendallCatonsville, MD55K
78Chad TroutDover, PA1X
89Brent ShearerManheim, PA12
97Gerard McIntyre JrNew Oxford, PA07

Heat 8

8 laps | 00:05:01.811Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
11Chris ArnoldDillsburg, PA23
22Lucas WolfeMechanicsburg, PA24W
33Kyle ReinhardtNew Oxford, PA91
45Lance DeweaseFayetteville, PA69K
57Ian MadsenSt Marys, NSW17
64Jim SiegelNew Oxford, PA59
78Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z
89Aaron BollingerElverson, PA16A
DNS-Matt CampbellFawn Grove, PA16

Heat 9

8 laps | 00:04:57.693Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
11Tim Wagaman IIHanover, PA5E
24Dylan CisneyPort Royal, PA5C
32Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV20
43Skylar GeeLeduc, AB99
55Tim GlatfelterYork, PA69
66Kyle MoodyLewisberry, PA99M
78Freddie RahmerSalfordville, PA51
87Chase DietzYork, PA50
99Justin FosterHarrisburg, PAB15

Heat 10

8 laps | 00:08:05.711Presented by Mobil 1
17Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
23Brandon RahmerSalfordville, PA88
34Tony StewartColumbus, IN14
46Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
55Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA2M
68Aaron ReutzelClute, TX87
72Tyler RossLincoln University, PA75
81Brie HersheyDillsburg, PA97
99Jordan GivlerCamp Hill, PA90

Heat 11

8 laps | 00:04:59.116Presented by Kistler Racing Products
13Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
24Brent MarksMyerstown, PA5
31Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OHW20
47Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
56Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
68Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
75T.J. StuttsLiverpool, PA11T
82Glenndon ForsytheYork, PA2W
99Dylan NorrisHanover, PA44

Heat 12

8 laps | 00:04:55.265Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
14Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
21Zach NewlinMillerstown, PA54
32Brett MichalskiPenndel, PA73B
43Landon MyersYork, PA19M
55Brian MontiethPhoenixville, PA21M
66Paul McMahanNashville, TN13
78Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
87Zeb WiseAngola, IN11

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